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The Anointing – John Sheasby – 6 msgs

The Anointing

As John defines and describes the work of the anointing of Jesus, you will discover powerful insights into the Anointed One Who dwells in you and who operates in and through you by His anointing to make your life an expression of “Christ” – the Anointed One – in the world.

Arise, Shine! – Beverley Sheasby – 5 msgs

Arise Shine

In this series of messages, Beverley gives wonderfully practical answers to “super-spiritual” questions as she shares truths from the word and from her own life that are both humorous and insightful.

Bloom Where You Are Planted – Beverley Sheasby / Tracy Jones – 4 msgs

Bloom Where You are Planted - Beverley Sheasby

In this series full of humor and wonderful insight, Beverley and her daughter, Tracy, share how God’s design for every person is to “Bloom Where You Are Planted” – to prosper and live lives of purpose, meaning and abundance right where you are!

The Covenant Meal – John Sheasby – 3 msgs

The Covenant Meal - John Sheasby

The goal of these messages is to stir you to begin observing this wonderful meal OFTEN, to avoid the temptation to analyze yourself and your failings rather than the wonderful work of Jesus on the cross, and to understand your covenant rights secured by the blood of Jesus for you.

Faithful, Fruitful, & Fulfilled – John Sheasby – 3 msgs

faithful-fruitful-fulfilledHave you ever wondered what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? Do you feel frustrated with the work you’re doing, unable to fully attain a sense of satisfaction in your job? You’re not alone! In this series, Bro. John addresses the age-old question, “What should I do with my life” from Jesus’ perspective.

The Freedom of Forgiveness – John Sheasby – 4 msgs

Freedom of Forgiveness - John SheasbyIf in Christ old things have passed away and all things have become new (2 Cor. 5:17), why do there seem to be so many old habits, personality traits, hurts and memories that linger on causing so much frustration in our pursuit of being like Jesus? In this series, John shows how the mind encompasses memories, experiences and past emotional wounds that can only be healed through the power of forgiveness.

God’s Favor, Your Destiny – Beverley Sheasby – 3 msgs

gods-favorIf you could choose one word to describe how you believe God feels about you right at this moment, what would it be? Angry with you? Disgusted? Disappointed, maybe? Well, all of that is about to change. God’s destiny for you is not based on what you’ve done or who you and those around you think you are. God’s destiny for you – His greatest desire for you – is that you would see yourself how He sees you.

The Goodness of God – John Sheasby – 4 msgs

The Goodness of God“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His mercy endures forever!” This revelation that God gave to King David is the song of restoration of the people of God…US! In this powerful series, John shares the revelation of the promise of the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31 and unveils the revelation of God’s goodness which is the centerpiece of that New Covenant as well as being the essence of His glory.

The Grace of Giving – John Sheasby – 8 msgs

The Grace of Giving - John SheasbyOur heavenly Father is a giver! Since we are born of His seed, that same nature has been placed within us. In these messages, John shares the New Covenant paradigm of sowing and reaping established by our God who supplies and multiplies your seed for sowing! Let these messages challenge you to begin sowing in faith with the expectation of a great harvest rather than in fear, under compulsion and bondage.

Holiness: The Expression of the Father’s Nature – John Sheasby – 4 msgs

HolinessHoliness can’t be defined in terms of sin because God was holy before sin ever entered His creation. Therefore, His holiness must of necessity be defined by who He is apart from any sin factor. Through this series, discover the freedom of understanding that holiness is the expression of the nature of God. Therefore, to be holy is to walk in the Spirit, in light, and in love.

Knowing the Holy Spirit – John Sheasby – 8 msgs

Knowing the Holy Spirit

In 1996, as John was studying the life and ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, the Holy Spirit began to give Him a fresh revelation of Himself that led to preaching these messages in Amarillo, Texas. God confirmed these messages with wonderful signs, wonders and manifestations of His presence and glory as the word brought God’s people into a fresh discovery of the Holy Spirit.

Let My People Go – John Sheasby – 2 msgs

Let My People GoA New Covenant, Biblically-based perspective on giving that sets you free from the bondage and misunderstanding of the law of the tithe into the grace of giving by the Spirit.

Living as the Bride – Beverley Sheasby – 5 msgs

Living as the BrideAgainst the backdrop of a life’s pursuit of knowing her Bridegroom, Beverley teaches in these tapes what the Holy spirit has reveals to her of the longing of our Bridegroom, Jesus, to have an intimate love-relationship with every believer. You will find your own heart being drawn and wooed to run after your Bridegroom into the “cleft of the rock” where He desires to meet you and commune with you.

Loose Him and Let Him Go – John Sheasby – 6 msgs

Loose Him and Let Him Go“Loose him, and let his go!” In 1981, the Holy Spirit quickened those words to John, giving him a mandate for his ministry to the body of Christ. These messages are a reflection of John’s personal journey to liberty as the truth of the Word of God has set him free from bondage to the traditions of men, the shackles of legalism and the crippling condemnation that had him bound.

Marriage, PLUS! – John Sheasby – 4 msgs

Marriage PLUSJohn covers four Biblical responsibilities for husbands and wives based on Paul’s “one-another” injunctions: Releasing, Regarding, Restoring, Receiving. Marriage is a covenant-bond that God designed so that both husband and wife will reach their full potential and the marriage will be a perfect reflection of the love-relationship between Christ and His bride.

Maturity and the Senses – John Sheasby – 6 msgs

Maturity and the SensesIn this study John reveals how the touchstone of maturity is in understanding God’s gift of righteousness. Spiritual babies stay immature because they are “unskilled in the word of righteousness” (v. 13). You will be challenged to allow yourself to be taken into the “gymnasium” of the Holy Spirit, and allow your senses to be “exercised” to the point that you are able to discern “good and evil” rather than right and wrong.

My Father’s Business – John Sheasby – 3 msgs

My Father's BusinessA kingdom perspective on business, work, and wealth.

The New Covenant – John Sheasby – 6 msgs

The New CovenantYour life will be enlightened and enriched as you understand the basis of the relationship that you enjoy with the Father under the New Covenant and gain insight into your inheritance as a child of God rather than as a servant.

New Testament Prophecy – John Sheasby – 4 msgs

New Testament ProphcyWhat is the purpose for the gift of prophecy? How does it operate? In this practical study, John teaches on the purpose, process, and power of the operation of the prophetic word. Let these messages encourage you to go back to some of the words that God has spoken over you in the past and begin again to believe, confess, and await in hope for the fulfillment of the promises of God!

The Power of New Covenant Living – John Sheasby – 8 msgs

The Power of New Covenant LivingIn these messages, John explores the foundational truths of New Covenant living and exposes how much of traditional Christianity is still mired in an Old Covenant mindset. Like Mephibosheth, we have been brought into inheritance and intimacy in Christ, but we are unable to embrace the glory of our spiritual inheritance.

The Power of the Word – John Sheasby – 5 msgs

The Power of the WordThe significance and imperative nature of speaking the word, or “confession,” will help you to understand how many Christians neutralize the power of the Word by what comes out of their mouths.

Raising Your Children in Grace – John & Beverley Sheasby – 4 msgs

Raising Your Children in GraceIn these messages, John and Beverley share their insights gained from seeking direction from the Word of God and from the Holy Spirit as they raised their children. In a tag-team setting, they teach the fundamentals of New Covenant relationships and then bring practical application to every-day situations and problems that parents face.

Renewing the Mind – John Sheasby – 12 msgs

Renewing the MindIn this new series, John explores this powerful truth and shines light on several key areas in which our minds can be and need to be renewed, for when we allow our minds and our spirits to be renewed according to God’s truth, we are set free from the bondages that keep us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus died to give us.

The River is Here – John Sheasby – 6 msgs

The River is HereIn this set of teachings, John explores what God is doing in His fresh move that has been depicted by some as the “River of God.” he examines the restoration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper and sees the hand of God restoring these precious covenant gifts to the body of Christ to a more Biblical understanding and practice.

Romans 5-7: Saved by His Life – John Sheasby – 3 msgs

Romans 5-7 Saved by His LifeNever has there been a clearer, more concise summation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of God’s love and His reconciliation of all mankind, than is found in the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the followers of Christ in Rome. As you listen, you will be set free from the bondage of the law into the newness of the Spirit and understand that “MUCH MORE, having been reconciled (to God), we shall be Saved By His Life!”

Shall We Dance – Beverley Sheasby – 2 msgs

Shall We DanceIn this message, Beverley paints a picture of dancing with the Holy Spirit everyday of your life. As the Spirit gently leads, prompts, and speaks, we move to the rhythms of His love and grace, doing the unexpected and fulfilling His will. You will enjoy the practical nature of this message and be motivated to fall in love again with your wonderful Bridegroom and be led by Him in an exciting and fulfilling dance of life!

Show Us the Father – Sheasby – 3 msgs

Show Us the Father“He who has seen me has seen the Father.” In this one phrase, Jesus revealed the true nature of the Father as seen in the miracles He performed and the compassion with which He lived while on earth. As you listen, your mind will be transformed by realizing the truth about your Father in Heaven: His true nature is exactly what Jesus represented on earth. Then you too will be able to say that in seeing Jesus, you have seen the Father!

Son – John Sheasby – 3 msgs

Son - John SheasbyWhy do some live in poverty and lack? Why do many feel as though they are outsiders looking in or stepchildren to the Heavenly Father? Discover the joy of being a child of God as John describes his own journey from the servants’ quarters to the Father’s table and from servitude to sonship!

Supernatural Living – Beverley Sheasby – 5 msgs

Supernatural LivingShared with a joy for life and vitality that is contagious, Beverley encourages all who listen to discover who they are in Christ and live each day with a consciousness of His divine presence. In this dynamic collection of messages, you will recognize the importance of intimacy with the bridegroom, understand the responsibility of carrying the presence of the King, and discover how to live this natural life in a supernatural way. Learn to be supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural!