The River is Here


John Sheasby | 6 Messages

We are living in a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Peter, in Acts 3:19-21 tells us of these times that will precede the time of the restoration of all things which itself precedes the return of Jesus. Could it be that we are living in that time of the restoration of all things that Peter predicted?

In this set of teachings, John explores what god is doing in His fresh move that has been depicted by some as the “River of God.” he examines the restoration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper and sees the hand of God restoring these precious covenant gifts to the body of Christ to a more Biblical understanding and practice. These messages will challenge you to jump into the flow of the present move of God and allow the Holy Spirit to carry you into the appropriation and enjoyment of all that God has for you!

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1. The Fresh Move of God

2. If Any Man Thirst

3. The River Brings Wholeness

4. Living as a Bride

5. The Restoration of Baptism

6. Restoring the Covenant Meal