Holiness: The Expression of the Father’s Nature



John Sheasby | 4 Messages

“Therefore, be holy as I am holy…” 1 Peter 1:16

Rather than seeing the wonderful promise of this statement from scripture, most believers see these words as an impossible standard to strive after and are frustrated in their futile attempt to be as holy as God is. If being holy were possible through obeying a commandment, Jesus would never have had to come to earth in order to release us from the curse of a commandment which is impossible to obey. N

ow, through the New Covenant, what was utterly impossible under law is made gloriously possible under grace! In this series, John takes you on a journey to discover what true holiness is. We have failed to understand the holiness of God because we have tried to define holiness in terms of sin. However, God was holy before sin ever entered His creation. Therefore, His holiness must of necessity be defined by who He is apart from any sin factor.

John shows us that holiness is the expression of the nature of God and that nature is defined by the statements of the Bible of what God is in the essence of His being! God is Spirit, Light, and Love. Therefore, to be holy is to walk in the Spirit, in light, and in love.

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1. Walk in the Spirit

2. Walk in the Light

3. Walk in Love

4. The Role of the Holy Spirit