Living as the Bride



Beverley Sheasby | 5 Messages

Is the Song of Solomon simply a love song written by Solomon, or is it a love song that comes out of the heart of our heavenly Bridegroom written with eager yearning and tender love to draw us into a walk of intimacy with Himself? Against the backdrop of a life’s pursuit of knowing her Bride- groom, Beverley teaches in these tapes what the Holy spirit has reveals to her of the longing of our Bridegroom, Jesus the Christ, to have an intimate love-relationship with every believer, You will hear, in the language employed by Solomon, the heart of a tender lover wooing His beloved into deeper intimacy and the corresponding ardor of an awakened heart pressing in to know her Lover in a deeper way. You will find your own heart being drawn and wooed to run after your Bridegroom into the “cleft of the rock” where He desires to meet you and commune with you.

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1. The Kisses of His Mouth

2. The Anointing of the Bride

3. Hearing the Bridegroom’s Voice

4. Entering the King’s Chamber

5. Entering the King’s Chamber: Part 2