Loose Him and Let Him Go



John Sheasby | 6 Messages

The picture is powerful and challenging. Lazarus coming out of the tomb, called back to life by the authoritative word of the Son of God, the one who said, “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25). But instead of coming out the tomb “walking and leaping and praising God” like the man at the Gate Beautiful (Acts 3:8), all he could do was shuffle out of the grave, the resurrection life thwarted and restricted by the burden of the grave-clothes that enwrapped him. Jesus then turned to bystanders with the message of liberation: “Loose him, and let his go!”

In 1981, the Holy Spirit quickened those words to John during his quiet time in Gweru, Zimbabwe, giving him a mandate for his ministry to the body of Christ. It was at the same time that the Holy spirit gave John the name of his ministry, Liberated Living Ministries. This commissioning began a process of personal liberation in John out of which so much of his ministry has flowed. These messages are a reflection of John’s personal journey to liberty as the truth of the Word of God has set him free from bondage to the traditions of men, the shackles of legalism and the crippling condemnation that had him bound.

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1. Removing the Grave Clothes

2. Freedom From Sin’s Power

3. Free From the Law: Part 1

4. Free From the Law: Part 2

5. Walk in the Spirit

6. Hearing God’s Voice