Maturity and the Senses



John Sheasby | 6 Messages

Christian maturity has too often been defined in terms of intellectual comprehension rather than experiential reality. Too many believers have, as a result, pursued knowing and understanding spiritual truths, but that has not brought them to spiritual maturity. Rather, they have experienced a greater degree of condemnation because of their inability to walk in the Biblical knowledge that they have accumulated.

In this study John reveals the writer of Hebrew’s understanding of maturity as a development of the five senses to the degree where they are more responsive to the stimuli of the realm of the spirit than to the natural, physical realm surrounding the believer. Furthermore, John will show how the touchstone of maturity is in understanding God’s gift of righteousness. Spiritual babies stay immature because they are “unskilled in the word of righteousness” (v. 13).

You will be challenged to allow yourself to be taken into the “gymnasium” of the Holy Spirit, and allow your senses to be “exercised” to the point that you are able to discern “good and evil” rather than right and wrong.

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1. Going on to Maturity

2. The Word of Righteousness

3. Good and Evil, Right and Wrong

4. Seeing the Glory of God

5. Seeing the Glory of God (continuation)

6. The Eyes and the Heart