New Testament Prophecy



John Sheasby | 4 Messages

For many centuries, it was generally accepted that prophets and prophecy had ceased to function and be necessary in the church because we had the written word of God contained in the Bible. However, particularly in the last century, the Holy spirit began to bring the Church back to what the Bible says concerning both the office of the prophet and the gift of prophecy. The church has rediscovered this wonderful part of the ministry of Christ given to His church through the giving of gifted prophets and prophetesses who are given to the church to equip the saints to walk in the operation of prophecy. Prophecy was not given just until the cannon of Scripture was closed, but “Till we all come to unity in the faith…to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

What is the purpose for the gift of prophecy? How does it operate? In this practical study, John teaches on the purpose, process, and power of the operation of the prophetic word. Let these tapes encourage you to go back to some of the words that God has spoken over you in the past and begin again to believe, confess, and await in hope for the fulfillment of the promises of God.

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1. The Purpose of Prophecy

2. The Process of the Prophetic 

3. How to Handle Personal Prophecy 

4. The Power of the Prophetic Word