Raising Your Children in Grace



John & Beverley Sheasby | 3 Messages

“How do you raise children without the parameters and security of rules and regulations?” That was the question that John and Beverley faced after God began giving them the revelation of grace in their own personal walk with their Father. Suddenly, the methods that they had been raised under, had been taught and had used up until this point, no longer seemed to be consistent with the revelation or walking in grace before God as their Father.

In these messages, John and Beverley share their insights gained from seeking direction from the Word of God and from the Holy Spirit as they raised their children. In a tag-team setting, they teach some fundamentals of New Covenant relation- ships and then bring practical application to every-day situations and problems that parents face. They will teach you about learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and teach your children to hear His inner voice teaching, checking and directing them personally. You will learn how to team up with you children against your mutual enemy rather than treating each other as enemies with whom you are constantly in conflict.

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1. Grace to You and Your Children

2. Spirit-Led Parenting

3. Practical Lessons in Parenting

4. Questions and Answers