Romans 5-7: Saved by His Life



John Sheasby | 3 Messages

Never has there been a clearer, more concise summation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of God’s love and His reconciliation of all mankind, than is found in the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the followers of Christ in Rome. Yet many believers and teachers of the Word spend years in Christian service and miss the most powerful truths about the new life we now have through Jesus’ work of redemption and God’s infinite love, mercy, and grace toward us. Beginning in Romans 5, Brother John unravels years of reli- gious teaching and misunderstanding as he explains the reve- lation of God’s love and grace manifested in Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross.

In this powerful series filled with life-altering truth, he addresses the question, “If God demonstrated His love toward us in sending Jesus while we were yet sinners, why would He then change His attitude toward us from one of grace and mercy into one of law and punishment?” As you listen, you will be set free from the bondage of the law into the newness of the Spirit and understand that “MUCH MORE, having been reconciled (to God), we shall be Saved By His Life!”

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1. Saved by His Life

2. Alive in Christ

3. Freed From the Law