Son! (Book)



Many believers have forfeited the blessings and benefits that are theirs as children of God by buying into the lie that we are saved to serve. The message of this series is that there is a far higher calling upon Christians. We have been predestined to be sons and daughters of the Living God. Our service is not the basis of our acceptance not the purpose for our redemption. The basis of our sonship is the fruit of a relationship of intimacy with the Father.

In this, John’s first book, he deals with some pressing questions, the answers to which will liberate the people of God to have their lives and relationships with God radically altered. Why are some earnest and sincere Christians unable to receive healing? Why do some live in poverty and lack? Why do many feel as though they are outsiders looking in or stepchildren to the Heavenly Father?

Discover the joy of being a child of God as John describes his own journey from the servants’ quarters to the Father’s table and from servitude to sonship!