The Covenant Meal



John Sheasby | 3 Messages

Few occasions in the Christian experience have become as somber, serious, and full of self-consciousness as taking the Lord’s Supper. Communion has become a time a introspective self-analysis that has produced an overwhelming consciousness of unworthiness and guilt. But, the excitement that Jesus expressed the night He established this Covenant Meal (Luke 22:15) gives us a clue as to the true intention and purpose of this significant ordinance that Jesus gave us to enjoy. The goal of these messages is to stir you to begin observing this wonderful meal OFTEN, to avoid the temptation to analyze yourself and your failings rather than the wonderful work of Jesus on the cross, and to understand your covenant rights secured by the blood of Jesus for you.

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1. The Covenant Meal 

2. Appropriating Your Covenant Inheritance 

3. The Inheritance