The Grace of Giving



John Sheasby | 8 Messages

Our heavenly Father is a giver! Since we are born of His seed, that same nature has been placed within us. Unfortunately, so much teaching on giving has been done through an Old Covenant paradigm. Rather than our giving being under grace, many believers still see giving as compulsory, dictated by a percentage rather than being directed by the Holy Spirit, and the expectation of a harvest to be unspiritual and selfish.

In these messages, John endeavors to bring giving into a New Covenant paradigm of sowing and reaping. The motivation to sow is traced back to the Abrahamic mandate of our blessing coming through promises rather than the Mosaic mandate of blessing coming through obedience to commandments with the threat of judgment for disobedience. The mandate of Abrahamic blessing is to bless all the families of the earth! God does not even expect you to initiate the entire plan of New Covenant prosperity and increase. He supplies and multiplies your seed for sowing!

Let these messages challenge you to begin sowing in faith with the expectation of a great harvest rather than in fear, under compulsion and bondage.

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1. The Grace of Giving: Parts 1 & 2

2. The Grace of Giving: Parts 3 & 4

3. The Grace of Giving: Parts 5 & 6

4. The Grace of Giving: Part 7