The New Covenant



John Sheasby – 6 msgs

Why is it that so many Christians never seem to mature beyond an “up-and-down” pattern of living the Christian life? Why do so many live under such heavy performance with the resultant condemnation associated with feeling unworthy and inadequate to measure up to some arbitrary standard of behavior? In these messages, John gives answers to these questions by studying the New Covenant and the perpetual problem that the Church has had in mixing the Old Covenant principles into New Covenant truth.

With many practical insights and illustrations, John exam- ines the contrasts in the Abrahamic versus Mosaic covenants, the promise versus the law, faith versus obedience, and inheri- tance versus reward. Your life will be enlightened and enriched as you understand the basis of the relationship that you enjoy with the Father under the New Covenant and gain insight into your inheritance as a child of God rather than as a servant.

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1. The Abrahamic Covenant

2. Faith: The Key to Promise

3. The Promise of the Spirit

4. The Spirit v. the Flesh

5. The Hope of Righteousness

6. The New Husband – Christ