The Power of New Covenant Living



John Sheasby | 8 Messages

The promise of power for living in the New Testament is awesome! Paul prays for the Ephesians: “that you may know what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe” (1:18-19). Why is it that so few believers seem to live in the reality of this amazing power energizing their daily lives?

In these messages, John explores the foundational truths of New Covenant living and exposes how much of traditional Christianity is still mired in an Old Covenant mindset. Like Mephibosheth, we have been brought into inheritance and intimacy in Christ, but we are unable to embrace the glory of our spiritual inheritance. Our “dead dog” mentality, produced in us by the internal wounds caused by rejection, the external influences of a performance-oriented society, and the spiritual influences of a perverted gospel, have caused us to revert back under a cloud of condemnation, unworthiness and attempts to earn the favor of God by what we do. We have tried to “oil up” the old wineskin of performance and tradition to try to contain the new wine of the Spirit, but, inevitably, as Jesus predicted, the wine is spilled because the wineskin breaks.

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1. Great and Precious Promises

2. Partaking of the Divine Power

3. People Who Know Their God

4. Knowing Your Covenant Rights

5. From Shadow into Light

6. The Children’s Bread

7. Holy Spirit: The Promise of Abraham

8. The Process of Patience