The Power of the Word



John Sheasby | 5 Messages

The Bible seems to teach us that the Word of God has an absolute power. It appears that the scriptures view the Word of God as being invincible and capable of doing exactly what God purposed it to do. Why, then, are so many Christians who delight in the Word and desire it to work in their lives, so frustrated by the apparent lack of results? Why does the Word of God seem so ineffective and powerless to change them as well as their behavior?

In this set of tapes, John explores the Biblical teaching on how God designed His Word to work. John examines the Word as “seed,” and, from Jesus’ own teaching on the seed, develops clear insight into the dynamic operation of the Word, as well as why so many believers experience crop failures of the seed in their lives. The significance and imperative nature of speaking the word, or “confession,” will help you to understand how many Christians neutralize the power of the Word by what comes out of their mouths. You will discover that the best way to see the Word working in your life is to learn how to “go to bed” and allow God to be God and His Word to function and grow as He designed it to.

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1. The Seed of the Word

2. Receiving the Word

3. An Accurate Knowledge of the Word

4. The Word in Our Mouths

5. Seeing as God Sees