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Meet John and Beverley Sheasby

John & Beverley Sheasby started their ministry in South Africa, pastoring in Johannesburg and Zimbabwe, before God called them to America in 1982. Their Seed to Seed monthly messages go all around the world, setting people free with messages from the Word, filled with both truth and grace.

Together, this powerful husband and wife team have spent their lives preaching about the goodness of God, and the freedom that is ours through the New Covenant, believing implicitly that the words of Jesus shall be fulfilled: “The truth SHALL make you FREE!”

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At Home in the Father’s House

Where You Belong as a Child of the King

This life changing look at the parable of the father with two sons, one a prodigal, the other faithful but bitter, will change your understanding of that story forever and your relationship with the Father who loves you and welcomes you home, especially if you have struggled with believing you could ever deserve His love. John Sheasby had to overcome a lifetime of shame and doubt because he believed his best would never be good enough for God. God finally broke through, and John realized he had always had a room in the Father’s house and a seat at the table. God was just waiting for him to sit down.