Meet John & Beverley Sheasby
Born in South Africa, John Sheasby has been called by God to minister liberty to the body of Christ through personal restoration and liberation from the ‘grave-clothes’ of unforgiveness, past hurts, tradition, and ignorance that keep the Body of Christ from expressing the resurrection life of Jesus that has been deposited within every believer. John has a powerful message of the grace and goodness of God guaranteed to His people in the New Covenant, sealed in the blood of Jesus, that brings freedom from the shackles of legalism, performance, sin, sickness and poverty.

Beverley Sheasby has been called into a wonderful walk of intimacy with the Father out of which has flowed a dynamic ministry of teaching the body of Christ to hear the Shepherd’s voice, to walk in grace and rest, and to appropriate all the riches of a love-relationship as the bride of Christ. She has a tremendous prophetic gifting and has committed her life to opening the door to the Spirit of God and to beckoning the Church into the tent of meeting for intimate communion with Her beloved.

Together, this powerful husband and wife team are committed to the preaching of the word and the demonstration of the power of God in signs and wonders, believing implicitly that the words of Jesus shall be fulfilled: “The truth SHALL make you FREE!”

Short Bio

In 1981, John Sheasby embarked on an Abraham-like journey of faith as he emigrated with his family from South Africa to the United States. John and his wife Beverley believe that they are called to minister liberty to the Body of Christ, to loose the “graveclothes” of ignorance and deception from God’s children so that they can possess their inheritance as God’s children.

They reside in Bixby, Oklahoma, from where they travel the US and to the nations to preach the goodness of God and minister his grace, liberty, and anointing.